Certify UPnP Devices

Effective January 1, 2016, UPnP Forum assigned their assets to the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC). Membership in UPnP Forum is no longer available, but UPnP certification is managed by OIC and the below options are available.

OIC Membership
Companies that join OIC as a member and pay the OIC annual membership dues can certify UPnP devices at no additional cost, but must sign the UPnP Certification Testing and Licensing Agreement (CTLA). Sign and return a scanned copy to admin@openinterconnect.org.

Non-Member Licensee
Companies that do not join OIC can become a Non-Member Licensee under the UPnP Certification Testing and Licensing Agreement (CTLA). Companies must complete the UPnP Certification Testing and Licensing Agreement (CTLA), the Application Form and pay the annual licensing fee ($5,000 USD). Payment instructions can be found on the application. To request an invoice or wire transfer details, contact admin@openinterconnect.org.

Former UPnP Forum Implementer Membership
Former UPnP Forum Implementer members whose term is still valid can continue to certify devices until the end of their term in 2016. After the end of that term, companies may choose to join OIC as a Member or become a Non-Member Licensee as outlined above.

Companies authorized to certify UPnP devices can access the UPnP Certification Test Tool and submit devices for UPnP® certification here.