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Become a Basic Member of UPnP Forum »

There is no annual fee for basic membership in UPnP Forum. Basic membership offers the following opportunities:

  • Leadership. Design and drive the device descriptions for your industry's products and services and the products with which they will interact.
  • Leverage your assets. Ensure that your legacy products and new products can talk and interact dynamically on UPnP network.
  • Learn more. Gain a broad understanding of UPnP technology and its opportunities for your products and industry.
  • Leverage Forum market development. Gain access to UPnP Forum events including Plugfest compatibility workshops, UPnP Partner Pavilions at major trade shows, use of the UPnP Forum Member logo, and public relations support.
  • Find partners. Interact with and leverage the resources of the large, diverse group of organizations actively creating and investing in UPnP technology.

Become an Implementer Member of UPnP Forum »

The annual fee for implementer membership in UPnP Forum is US$5,000. Implementer Members enjoy all the benefits of Basic Members and the following additional benefits:

  • Access to the official UPnP test tool and ability to test devices for UPnP® Certification.
  • Special assistance in obtaining technical support from the test tool product support team.
  • License to the UPnP® Certification Mark for display on certified products and associated product marketing collateral.
  • Ability to include your company’s certified devices in the online listing of certified devices.

Become a Steering Committee Member of UPnP Forum »

The annual fee for Steering Committee membership in UPnP Forum is US$15,000. Steering Committee Members enjoy all the benefits of Implementer Members and the following additional benefits:

  • Oversee the governance and operation of UPnP Forum.
  • Identify device priorities for the UPnP Forum’s focus, based on market readiness and practical considerations such as bringing value to customers in a timely fashion.
  • Form Working Committees and appoint Chairpersons to these Committees to lead the technical design work of DCPs and DCPFs.
  • Monitor and encourage the progress of the Working Committees to ensure that proposed DCPs and DCPFs are obtained in a timely fashion.
  • Oversee the review process of DCPs and DCPFs and their confirmation as standards, including submission as International Standards.
  • Design and oversee the test qualification and logo programs for device certification.
  • Approve any communications to the general public and other organizations regarding UPnP Forum activities.
  • Approve amendments to the UPnP Forum Membership Agreement.

Do You Have Questions About the Agreement?

If you have questions of a legal nature about the membership agreement please email your questions to with the text "UPnP Forum Membership Agreement" in the subject line of your message.

If you have questions of a general nature about the UPnP initiative or the UPnP Forum, please email your questions to with the text "UPnP Information Request" in the subject line of your message. 

Membership FAQ

What are the benefits of each membership level within the Forum?
Refer to the UPnP Forum Membership Benefits table below.

* Ability to certify products and obtain a license to use the UPnP® Certification Mark is only available to Implementer members.

Who is eligible to participate in UPnP Forum Committees and Task Forces?
An overview of the committees and eligibility criteria can be found at All members are eligible to participate in Working Committees, as well as some Task Forces (subject to approved participation criteria). Sub-committees of the Steering Committee such as the Technical Committee and Compliance Committees are limited to Steering Committee level members. Subject to approval, “invited guests” are occasionally able to participate in these committees.

What is the process for becoming a member of the Forum?
The processes to join UPnP Forum can be found clicking the link above for each level. Joining involves signing the UPnP Forum Membership Agreement and completing a registration form to designate a primary contact. Implementer Members must also sign and submit the Implementer Membership Addendum. It is recommended that all membership documents be sent via email to for review prior to mailing the hardcopy originals.

If we were previously an Implementer member and our membership expired, what is the process for rejoining?
In order to reinstate your Implementer membership, you will need to complete and send two (2) complete hardcopies of the Implementer Addendum and Application Form, along with the US$5,000 membership dues (company check and wire transfers are accepted as forms of payment).

Can I benefit from the membership of an affiliate?
Yes. The UPnP Forum Membership Agreement limits each corporate family to only one basic membership in the Forum, but each member of the family is entitled to participate and to the benefit of licenses available under the Forum.

Before granting Affiliates with member benefits, UPnP Forum must first receive verification, documentation; a website link or a press release, confirming the two companies meet the definition of Affiliate by one of the entities having beneficial ownership of more than fifty percent of the voting stock or equity in the other entity (per section 1 of the UPnP Forum Membership Agreement or section 1.2.1 of the Implementer Addendum). Nothing precludes Affiliates from holding a separate Implementer Membership to certify devices under their own company name.

Can I join UPnP Forum as an individual?
Yes. You may become a Basic Member of the Forum for free as an individual. Joining as an individual means you will participate as an individual e.g., if you contribute material owned by another without their agreeing to the IPR Policy, you would be in breach of the Agreement and be held personally liable. Additionally, no other person or entity will benefit from any license under the Agreement. The license will be to you personally and cannot be sublicensed.

How do I access the UPnP Forum members-only website?
Employees of a UPnP Forum member company or those who have joined as an Individual Member may register for a user account that will allow access to the member-only website. To register for a website user account, visit or click the “Member Login” link on the homepage. Then, click the “Register” link on the logon page and proceed with entering your company-specific email address and other contact details.