Forum Membership: An Open Invitation to Lead

Become a Steering Committee Member

The Steering Committee provides UPnP Forum with leadership and business decisions and works closely with its subcommittees to achieve its objectives. There are vacancies in the Steering Committee from time to time, and we welcome members who are interested in becoming a Steering Committee level member to read the information below and contact us at if you are interested in serving this important role within the Forum.  

Roles & Responsibilities
For a complete overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee, please refer to the Membership Agreement, or Members may refer to the UPnP Forum Steering Committee Organization and Process Document.

The Steering Committee owns the following responsibilities:

  • Oversee the governance and operation of UPnP Forum.
  • Identify device priorities for the UPnP Forum’s focus, based on market readiness and practical considerations such as bringing value to customers in a timely fashion.
  • Form Working Committees and appoint Chairpersons to these Committees to lead the technical design work of DCPs and DCPFs.
  • Monitor and encourage the progress of the Working Committees to ensure that proposed DCPs and DCPFs are obtained in a timely fashion.
  • Oversee the review process of DCPs and DCPFs and their confirmation as standards, including submission as International Standards.
  • Design and oversee the test qualification and logo programs for device certification.
  • Approve any communications to the general public and other organizations regarding UPnP Forum activities.
  • Approve amendments to the UPnP Forum Membership Agreement.

Steering Committee member companies pay US$15,000 annually due on February 1 of each year. Steering Committee members have all the rights of Implementer level members and the $5000 Implementer Member fee is waived. Companies that join at the Steering Committee level and have not already signed the Implementer Addendum must do so.

Face-to-Face Meetings and Teleconferences
The Steering Committee calendar year is October to October. Face-to-face meeting occur once every (about) two months. There is generally one teleconference in the intervening time between face-to-face meetings. These meetings are typically hosted by fellow Steering Committee member companies.

Membership and Voting Rights
The Steering Committee is comprised of Implementer Members of UPnP Forum and are elected by a majority vote of all then current Members casting ballots, as authorized pursuant to Section 2.3(c) of the Membership Agreement; or, in the case of a vacancy, may be appointed by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall never exceed twenty (20) representatives, nor shall it fall below one (1) representative.

Each Steering Committee member company has the ability to cast one vote.

Steering Committee members serve two year terms. For a full twenty (20)-representative Steering Committee, in even-numbered years ten (10) representatives’ seats will become open for general member company nomination and election while in odd-numbered years ten (10) representative seats will become open for nomination and election. This approach guarantees that new representatives serve with senior representatives to ensure both a smooth hand-off process and continued progress on ongoing issues.

The UPnP Forum’s Formation Date was October 18th, 1999. The election process kicks off four months before the anniversary of the Formation Date--that is, four months prior to October 18. There will be a four-week nomination period followed by two weeks of consideration before voting commences. Hence, voting ends approximately six weeks prior to the anniversary of the Formation Date (end of August-early September) so that results are known and ratified at a “final” Steering Committee meeting. And new members will have approximately six weeks to prepare for the next Steering Committee meeting (mid-October), which will be their first.

When a vacancy exists on the Steering Committee (fewer than the maximum of 20 seats are filled), the Steering Committee may appoint another Member to serve for the duration of the term of one of the vacant seats. This can occur at any time, outside the normal election cycle.

For a complete overview of the election process, please refer to section 2.1 of the Membership Agreement or Members may refer to section 4.4 of the UPnP Forum Steering Committee Organization and Process Document.

Interested in Becoming a Steering Committee Member?
If you are interested in serving on the Steering Committee, please contact us at If your company is elected to serve, you will be required to sign the Steering Committee Level Membership Addendum (Members-only).

To view a list of the current Steering Committee Members, please visit