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UPnP Specifications

Device Control Protocols
These Device Control Protocols are the standardized specifications for devices and services as produced by specific technical working committees.

Device Architecture Documents
Here are the fundamental documents that anchor the UPnP architecture. 

Other Specifications

International Standards
UPnP's Device Architecture Version and Device Control Protocols specifications adopted and published as International Standards by the ISO and IEC.

Referenced Specifications

Specifications referenced in UPnP Device Architecture Version 1.0.


Presentations - These presentations can be used as background information as well as used in total or in part in your own presentation on the UPnP initiative.


Publications - List of book publications focused on UPnP technology.

FAQ - These "frequently asked questions" cover technical and architecture-related matters.

Webinar Recordings


Tutorials - Tutorials and implementer guide resources for members and the public to utilize. Check this page regularly for the latest updates.

Single Download File for UPnP Documents

A single download file including the UPnP Device Architecture, referenced specifications, implementation guide, device and service description templates, checklists and samples, and the standardized DCPs is provided here for your convenience.


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