UPnP Certification

Detailed steps on how to submit your device for UPnP certification are available here.

UPnP certification is available to Implementer Members of UPnP Forum. If your company is not already an Implementer Member, please follow this membership process.

If you are a UPnP Forum Implementer Member and wish to register a device for certification and access the UPnP logo artwork, please login to the new UPnP Forum members-only area.

Announced Certified UPnP Devices

To view the list of announced certified UPnP devices, click here. This list does not represent a complete list of certified devices, as some companies choose to keep their products private.

Single Download File for UPnP Documents

A single download file including the UPnP Device Architecture, referenced specifications, implementation guide, device and service description templates, checklists and samples, and the standardized DCPs is provided here for your convenience.


UPnP Members have access to additional resources.