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UPnP Internet of Things Overview

Single Download File for UPnP Documents

A single download file including the UPnP Device Architecture, referenced specifications, implementation guide, device and service description templates, checklists and samples, and the standardized DCPs is provided here for your convenience. File date: February 20, 2015; ZIP file: 93 MB


Media Server & Media Renderer

You’re having a barbecue on the deck with friends. Someone recalls a favorite song from college. You offer that you’ve got the whole album on your network. With the touch of a few buttons on the touch screen on your deck, the song is playing on your outdoor speakers.

Quality of Service & Media Server

You are enjoying a movie in the home theater when the teenagers come home from dates and start playing video games. You decide to evacuate the premises and finish the movie in the bedroom. UPnP ensures that your movie gets priority over the kids video games and your movie plays flawlessly to completion in the more hospitable climate of your bedroom.

Lighting Controls

After a Friday night with teenagers and their friends at home, the house is a bit of a mess. Lights are left on. Who knows what doors might be left open? Not to worry. With the press of a button, your alarm system discovers that the garage is open. The garage and various blinds close automatically. The alarm system is activated and all the lights are turned off.

Low Power, Media Server & Remote Access

You’re visiting your parents. Since they are the only ones remotely interested in your vacation photos, you insist on showing them. Since their set-top box is UPnP-enabled, it remotely contacts the server in your home, wakes it from sleep mode and pulls up you pictures from Acapulco. A couple hours later, when the slide show is complete, the server (and your parents) go to sleep.

Media Renderer

In the middle of watching a football game, your old friend from high school calls up to chat. You know this because the caller-ID showed up on the TV screen. Since you haven’t seen him for a while (and since you have UPnP), you decide to talk to him. When you pick up the phone, the DVR pauses so you don’t miss any of the football game. When you hang up, the football game continues.


While watching an ad on TV, a little graphic pops up to let you know this is an interactive ad that has more information. You decide to activate it by pressing a button on the remote. The cute sweater in the ad is on sale for half off! You click the button again because this is something you absolutely need. An e-mail message is immediately sent to you and your printer in the office immediately begins whirring as the 50% coupon is printed.

Content Sync & Security

Since you are totally UPnP enabled, the movies you record on your DVR at home are copied to your car server (filtered, of course, by your parental controls). UPnP makes sure your copies are legitimate by checking the user rights, thus ensuring that you don’t get pulled over by copyright police. On your next extended drive, you kids enjoy the new recordings in the back seat.

Device Management

One evening while watching a music video you realize that the bizarre colors are not part of the video but is a problem with your television. The TV realizes this as well and immediately contacts customer support. A message pops up on the screen and the service person on the other end requests permission to fix the problem. You use your remote to grant permission. The fix is downloaded to the TV and the problem is solved.

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