These presentations can be used as background information as well as used in total or in part in your own presentation on the UPnP initiative.

UPnP Internet of Things Overview
(July 2014)

Bringing UPnP to the Cloud and IOT
(May 2014)

Update on UPnP+, Cloud, Multi-Screen and IoT
(March 2014)

UPnP North American Middleware Developers Event Presentation
(July 9, 2012 - San Jose, CA - hosted by Samsung)

UPnP Middleware Developers Event Face-to-Face Presentation
(March 20, 2012 - Paris, France - hosted by France Telecom)

UPnP AV V4.0 Overview
(March 2012)

Introduction to UPnP DeviceManagement
(March 2012)

UPnP Forum Overview and Update

UPnP Gateway Working Committee: IGD:2 Improvements over IGD:1
(April 2010)

UPnP Forum and Specifications Overview
(October 2007)

Single Download File for UPnP Documents

A single download file including the UPnP Device Architecture, referenced specifications, implementation guide, device and service description templates, checklists and samples, and the standardized DCPs is provided here for your convenience.


UPnP Members have access to additional resources.