UPnP Design By Example by Michael Jeronimo and Jack Weast.

This book is primarily a resource for software developers who are implementing UPnP technology in their products. It also provides an introduction for those who are new to the technology. This book covers:

  • Basic UPnP concepts such as control points, devices, and services
  • Protocols that form the foundation of the UPnP architecture
  • An example of how to develop a UPnP device from start to finish
  • The latest topics, such as UPnP Audio/Video and Simple Control Protocol (SCP)

The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM which contains:

  • C-language code for all examples presented in the book
  • Complete UPnP specifications and related documents
  • The Intel SDK for UPnP Devices for Linux, including source code and binaries
  • Tools to view and interact with any UPnP device, to monitor UPnP protocols, and to generate XML device descriptions

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